April 25, 2017
Dougal Allan

All packed up and ready to head off shore for a few months. First stop is Taitung (Taiwan) for Challenge Taiwan on Saturday. I am excited about my first trip to Taiwan and another opportunity to test body and mind over the full distance in 2017. So excited I am even hanging around for a week afterwards with my brother-in-law Andrew to check out the sights and sounds. I have taken ownership of a nice new Cube Aerium TT bike and look forward to taking flight on this. First impressions are super positive and as fast as my Basso Konos was, I expect the Aerium to be even faster.

IMG_6444-1024x768 Take-off...

Get to know the new rig

Then I catch a big bird down to Aussie to meet back up with my family and head off to Noosa to train for Challenge Roth on July 9th. This event has long been on my bucket list and I am pumped. Especially coming off the back of my 8 week block in Noosa. It should be a great experience!

Thanks to everybody who has shared their happiness with me over my Challenge Wanaka victory. It was a day to remember for sure. But now it is time to put my head down, focus deeply and aim to draw my best performance from within on the weekend. Hope you can follow my race day. You can find Challenge Taiwan on Facebook but I will also have my very own roaming reporter on the ground (Andrew my bro-in-law) who will aim to post live updates through my social media channels.

Finally, thanks to those who have subscribed to my editorial. I have had lots of good feedback and hope to continue to make this a premium product for you to enjoy.

See you on the other side of Challenge Taiwan!


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