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Each issue will include 6 informative and well thought out segments designed to inspire, guide and encourage all endurance enthusiasts.

  • Training Lab: A science-driven report based on Dougal’s own recent experiences in training and racing.
  • Equipped: Dougal puts the spotlight on a piece of equipment. We all love gear and we all love talking about it.
  • The Catalyst: We all find our motivation comes and goes. In this section Dougal looks to boost your motivation and desire to chase the things in life you love.
  • Event Focus: Dougal has competed in over 100 different international endurance events. Each issue he will feature one of these events and explain why it left a lasting impression on him.
  • The Digression Session: Parenting, people, places, books, food. It isn’t all about triathlon and multisport. Sometimes Dougal can get sidetracked and philosophical about other facets of life.
  • Special Guest: Sport has introduced Dougal to many incredible human beings. Dougal is sure you will be impressed and inspired by some of the high-achieving guests that he plans to interview in this section of each issue.


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Dougal Allan
Content Manager

Dougal Allan BPhEd (Hons)
Two time Challenge Wanaka champion (Course record holder 2016 & 2017)
Record-breaking cyclist with a current world iron-distance cycling ranking of 2nd!
Triathlon, Xterra, Mountain Bike, Adventure Racing and Road Cycling Champion
Professional coach/Strength and conditioning trainer.
Online publicist with subscription database
Public speaker


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Name: Brett Jenkins
Profession: Physiotherapist at Wanaka Physiotherapy
Personal Interests: Family, music and most sports but particularly rugby, tennis, golf and multisport.

What I get out of reading the DA Endurance Editorial: I had the pleasure of meeting Dougal 3 years ago initially in our respective professional fields… Firstly I started attending his “ Strength for Blokes” classes under Val Burke’s Peak Endurance business, so was on the receiving end, and experienced the benefit of Dougal’s Strength and Conditioning expertise. Then the tables were turned when I started to see Dougal intermittently for injuries or issues that were surfacing with his training / competing due to his multisport and endurance sporting endeavours. I have therefore also been privy to working alongside Dougal’s coaching and support team in the management of these injuries, and him making a safe return to training and ultimately competing successfully in his events.
So it could be suggested that I know how this guy ticks by now. What I have realised is I don’t know Dougal Allan as well as I thought! You see, the Dougal I know has always come across as a very relaxed athlete to me. Incredibly driven and hungry to get better, and be the best possible Ironman he can be no doubt, but as far as athletes I have treated over the years, he doesn’t seem to get uptight about injuries or niggles, and lets the people around him that he entrusts take care of things. Some top-notch athletes I know think a runny nose is the bubonic plague, and a stubbed toe career threatening!! A family man first and foremost, Dougal has incredible support from a loving family and Amy, Flynn and Matilda are a major reason he thrashes himself day in and day out. But reading the 2 DA Endurance Editorials so far has given me a deeper understanding of Dougal and what is involved to be one of the very best in his given sport. Whether it be reading about sticking to his game plan in Challenge Wanaka and letting the process take care of itself even when minutes behind after the swim, and trusting his output readings / heartrate on the bike and run rather than thinking of his opponents was a great read. And man Dougal can write – another hidden talent!!
I know a reasonable amount about training programmes and off-seasons, and latest strength and conditioning protocols, but to read how Dougal views these and to have the input of Nic Gill as well – I am learning heaps each month both as a physiotherapist and a simple multisport “weekend warrior wannabe”.
Who would Benefit from the DA Endurance Editorials: Everyone and anyone!As mentioned above, whether I have my professional or “Joe-public” hat on I have thoroughly enjoyed Dougal’s monthly scripts, and have learnt alot so far. They are written superbly and not in language that only athletes will understand. There is information that predominantly pertains to international level sport, yet there are also lessons in there for us all in how we can structure our lives around commitments we have in our more modest sporting endeavours, or even our work. It is easy reading, but with educational tidbits throughout. I’m learning more about this incredible yet humble athlete every month, and I look forward to the next instalment to find out more about someone who is steadily climbing to the top of the Ironman world. It’s going to be a real pleasure to go along for the ride!

Brett Jenkins l