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DA Endurance Motatapu Mountain Bike Training Program

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(or 50km-70km equivalent)

IMG_81535073 Motatapu Mt Bike Training Program (or 50km-70km Mt Bike equivalent)The SKODA Motatapu Mountain Bike Event is an absolute must. It is known as one of the most iconic events in New Zealand.

This epic off-road adventure consists of 47km of off-road terrain (off limits every other day of the year), 1214 metres of climbing with 875 metres being the highest point.

Do you want to perform at your best? perhaps even beat your mates? You will be untouchable with your DA Endurance Motatapu Mountain Bike Training Program.

Your program is designed by Dougal Allan who has numerous wins under his belt on this brutal course. Luckily for you he is happy to share his secrets… Shhh don’t tell your mates!!

Are you happy to simply participate in this event or you are trying to beat a personal best? We want you to go into it this event fully prepared and ready to give it your best shot with all your needs catered for.

Your program will consist of more than just time in the saddle. It will also factor in recovery sessions, nutrition and interesting drills to ensure your training is varied. Not only this, your program will help manage your workload to avoid injury and give you the best chance of feeling at your peak come the day of the event.


This is where many online training programs fall down. Typically, you will select your online program, feel inspired for a period of time then, as a result, your motivation starts to drop off. When you Choose a DA Endurance program, you will continue to get the support you need. You will receive e mails checking on your sessions and progress. We like to make sure you are on task and your program is suiting you. As a result you will arrive at the start line with the confidence of knowing you have completed your training to the best of your ability.

Finally, Injury prevention and performance are a major part of planning any training program and it is paramount when building your training program. Accompanying this program with strength and conditioning training each week is highly recommended and results will be huge. Do you need guidance setting up a strength program specific to your personal needs? If so we can provide a program to help improve your cycling power and efficiency. 

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