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Marathons are a challenging and hugely rewarding style of event which takes commitment and hard work.

Would you like to become a more efficient runner and improve your fitness levels? Why not commit to giving a marathon a go. If you have committed to a marathon whether it be in a team format such as Challenge Wanaka or an event such as the Queenstown Marathon you will want to be assured you are training efficiently. Your 12 week marathon training program is professionally planned and periodised to help you improve your endurance, pacing and performance. Because a marathon is such a big personal commitment our aim is for you to be hugely satisfied with your result and following our 12 week marathon training program will make sure you are fully prepared once race day rolls around. 

Your program will consist of more than just running exercises. It will also factor in recovery, nutrition and interesting drills to ensure your training isn’t a chore. Not only this, your program will help manage your workload to avoid injury and give you the best chance of feeling at your peak come the day of the event.


Accountability is key. This is where many online training programs don’t deliver. Typically you will select your program, feel inspired for a week or two then motivation and commitment to the program starts to drop off. During your time training with DA Endurance you will continue to get the support you need to make sure you are making full use of your program. You will receive weekly e mails enquiring about your training and progress to make sure you are on task and your program is suiting you. It’s important to us that you arrive at the start line with the confidence of knowing you have trained to the best of your ability.

Our favourite Marathon running events:

Queenstown Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km

Southern Lakes Half Marathon and 10km from Cardrona to Wanaka

Dunedin Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km

Christchurch Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km

Auckland Marathon, Half Marathon and 12km Traverse

Mission Mt Somers, 42k’s of Somers Marathon, Mission Mt Somers Half Marathon, Staveley 10K Off Road Run.


Injury prevention is important to us that is why we recommend you accompany your training program with strength training each week. If you are not sure where to start and need assistance with setting up a strength program specific to running and your personal needs prevent injury we offer a 10% discount on our DA Endurance Strength Programs when you select a DA Endurance training program.  






Are training for a multi-discipline endurance event such as Red Bull Defiance, Coast to Coast , XTERRA event or a Triathlon? View my coaching options HERE.



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