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KV-3452 Coaching
Dougal Allan
Head Coach

Dougal is at the top of his game in the endurance sport world around the world.

Dougal Allan brings to his coaching role an Honours degree in Physical Education and is constantly upskilling his vast range of knowledge keeping himself totally up to date. Dougal is one of the most sort after endurance coaches in New Zealand and around the world. His combination of practical and theoretical knowledge coupled with his passion for helping prepare athletes for their own race related goals makes him the complete coaching package.

$90.00 per week

The Complete Coaching option is a premium coaching package for those who are fully focused on optimising their training approach to the big event(s). If you are serious about your goals and want a coach that cares as much about you reaching them as you do, then this is your coaching option. By choosing Dougal as your coach and enrolling in one of the limited Complete Coaching options you will have the confidence that your training is consistently targeted towards your key event(s) and the plan will evolve alongside you. A program may be modified to off-set injury risk or to accelerate with fitness progressions and Dougal will have daily oversight of every training session you do. To leave no stone left unturned in your pursuit to perform, choose the Complete Coaching package.

$399.00 (12 week block)

Your Essential Programming option is perfect for those who prefer the flexibility to fit key training sessions around a busy lifestyle. Dougal begins the planning process by understanding your lifestyle in its entirety because he knows an effective program must first have the ability to fit within the time and energy you have available. The periodised training program will be written from scratch and will be sent in its entirety (from the agreed start date until race day) with the opportunity to have continued interaction with Dougal along the way. With the Essential Programming product comes the reassurance that your time spent training will maximise the purpose and greater significance of each individual session.


With over a decade of experience in strength coaching and delivery (including with high performance sport New Zealand) Dougal is the perfect person to help introduce an effective strength training program to supplement your endurance aspirations. Whether it be to help rehab or prevent injury, to slow the ageing process or simply to help enhance performance, Dougal believes heavily in the value of strength and mobility training and is ready to share his expertise with you.

Initial consultation

Development of an individually tailored strength program

Secondary consultation to introduce program

Unlimited follow-up email/phone contact

$80.00 per hour

Reserve a private consult to find the answers to the questions you have in relation to your training strategies and race preparation. To secure your appointment please contact me personally.

  • DA Endurance Coaching

  • Training Peaks subscriptionTraining Peaks subscription
  • Periodised training programPeriodised training program
  • Individually tailored programIndividually tailored program
  • Performance management tracking/dataPerformance management tracking/data
  • Race day preparationRace day preparation
  • Email/Phone supportEmail/Phone support
  • Strength programStrength program
  • Post event debrief Post event debrief
  • Monthly Skype consultMonthly Skype consult
  • Technique analysis Technique analysis
  • $100 start up fee$100 start up fee
  • Essential Programming

  • $399

    12 week block

  • Training Peaks subscriptionBasic
  • Periodised training program
  • Individually tailored program
  • Performance management tracking/data
  • Race day preparation
  • Email/Phone support
  • Strength programAdditional $80.00
  • Post event debrief Optional add-on
  • Monthly Skype consultOptional add-on
  • Technique analysis
  • $100 start up fee
  • Complete Coaching

  • $90

    per week

  • Training Peaks subscriptionPremium
  • Periodised training program
  • Individually tailored program
  • Performance management tracking/data
  • Race day preparation
  • Email/Phone support
  • Strength program
  • Post event debrief
  • Monthly Skype consult
  • Technique analysis
  • $100 start up fee


Please get in touch if you have any questions and to discuss any of my athlete coaching options in further detail.