A brief but overdue update

February 8, 2016
Dougal Allan

Plenty has happened since my last update waaaaaaay back after that Ironman Sweden race. But Ill keep this brief as I know how boring my posts are at the best of times, let alone when trying to account for nearly 6 months of happenings.

Highlights in those past 6 months include winning China’s Wuhan Outdoor Challenge with Thule Adventure Team and moving into our new house in Riverside Park (I told you I would keep this brief). A low lights was seeing my friend and team mate of a few years Jess Simson retire and move (back) to Canada.

014542fei34f9kfilb9bff A brief but overdue update

A typical Jess pic – filthy, exhausted, smiling.

014542fei34f9kfilb9bff A brief but overdue update

Me abseiling towards Helena waiting in our kayak, Wuhan China.

Summer here in Wanaka has been mostly awesome. Challenge Wanaka has been my focus since returning from 3x trips to China in Aug/Sep. Along the way I raced to 5th at Ironman 70.3 Taupo. It was cool doing my first 70.3 and realising I could just train into and out the other side of an event of this distance. Otherwise, with my work with Snow Sports NZ being quieter during these months, I have managed to clock some great training and spend time wqith Amy and Flynn. On the training front, I am most excited by the improvements in my swim. Jeremy Duncan from H20 Dreams in Invercargill has been a fantastic mentor and coach to me in the water and I was thrilled to score a 56.30 for the Ruby Island 3.8km swim race in mid-Jan. Bike and run is feeling as good as ever and with Challenge Wanaka less than 2 weeks away I am getting keen to sink my teeth into the event I have fallen madly in love with the past couple of years.

014542fei34f9kfilb9bff A brief but overdue update

Riding my new Trinity and Enve SES 7.8 wheels. Credit: Dom Channon

Thanks to those out there who support what I do, its never unnoticed. Look forward to writing my round-up of Challenge Wanaka in a little while and if you are involved in the event – I’ll see you out there!